Morning Glow Up: My Simple 5-Step Routine for Radiant Skin-Health nurifitness

Morning Glow Up: My Simple 5-Step Routine for Radiant Skin-Health nurifitness


Living in Norway, I witnessed firsthand how weather extremes can impact our skin. But I’ve also discovered that less can be more when it comes to maintaining a healthy, balanced complexion. This is my minimalist morning skincare routine, specifically tailored for oily skin, that leaves me feeling refreshed and radiant all day long:

Step 1 Rinse with water only

In the morning, I cleanse with water. Because I do an overnight cleanse, removing makeup and dirt, I can usually still feel the product the next day. To be honest, my skin has never looked better than when I cleanse with water in the morning.

Step 2: Hydrosol (Toner)

After showering, I use hydrosol to prevent moisture touching my skin. This helps set a good foundation for everyone who follows. My favorite water sols contain small amounts of essential essences like lavender and rose, which are great for helping the active ingredients absorb into the skin (the next step).

Step 3: Serum and Actives

Now it’s time for what I call “makers”. Ingredients that contain an ingredient — think salicylic acid — that are intended to have a specific effect are considered “active”. They are “publishing” objects or “converters”. These products, as well as serums, work on certain issues, concerns, or benefits for your skin.

First, a serum is applied so that it penetrates right into the skin. Then I like to use my actives and sit down for a few minutes before doing the next step. Doing this will help you print on other materials.
Give cold water

Step 4: Moisturize

Then I’ll move on to the moisturizer. I opted for a heavy moisturizer with a facial scrub or heavy facial oil. I rarely use synthetics because I feel like my skin reacts more to whole plant oils.

I’m slapping my face, smacking my skin, and taking a punch to the sky. I usually take a few minutes during this process. This helps the product work on my skin, and I feel pampered with a mild facial massage.

If I’m using an oil, I’ll first warm it up on my hands, rub it between them, to make it more smooth, then proceed as above

Step 5: Sunscreen

You should always use sunscreen, no matter how little daylight it is. I live in Norway myself, and even during activities like cross-country skiing or when you’re going to be in the sun for long periods of time, it’s important to wear sunscreen.

Snow reflects the sun’s rays, which can increase the damage they can do to your skin. So, regardless of the weather, apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 generously, especially on your face, ears, lips and neck. Protect yourself and enjoy the beauty! ⛷️☀️

stay tuned for my next post on skincare routine

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